How to find your Satellite FAST!

Need to point your VSAT antenna/dish in a hurry? Here’s how to do it quickly without messing around for hours in 4 easy steps . . .

  1. Make sure your satellite modem (receiver) or sat meter is tuned to the correct satellite.
  2. Pre-set your polarization (don’t worry about this step if you are using circular pol!).
  3. Pre-set your elevation as accurately as possible (don’t forget to allow for any VSAT dish offset).
  4. Start scanning in azimuth slowly and check your sat meter. A full 180° sweep and increase the elevation in 1° steps if needed.

That’s it. If you stick to the above procedure you will always find the satellite quickly. If you are having issues I’d double check the elevation angle and slowly move the dish left and right.

VSAT Elevation Angle

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