Welcome to SATOMS.COM

Hi and welcome to Satoms.com

This is my personal website that I will be updating for the next few months (perhaps we had better make that years!) with everything satellite. I have started the wiki where I intend to cover most things including a glossary of terms and certain ‘How to’ video’s.  Also every satellite channel list, frequencies, modulation…..and lots more……….yes I think it will take me forever!

Why did I decide to make this site?

Well, I work in satellite communications and always want to learn more and I also thought the other website(s) were awful, plastered in Google ads, very hard to navigate and find the information that you are after. So, how hard can it be?

I will also be using this news section as a personal blog (I don’t know if anyone will read it but hey!) with all of my projects and goings on and also any satellite news & updates.

Current list of projects include a home CAT6 network, python programming, raspberry Pi, several websites, and loads more. I’ll give updates when I have some time.

Why Satoms.com?

I did search for a satellite related name for a while but these days most, if not all, names have been taken so I decided to mix satellite and comms together to get satoms. Other names were just as bad.

So if you have any suggestions for the site then please get in touch.

satoms Author