SSH Tunnels using PuTTY

If you need to connect to a device behind a router or Linux machine to the network behind and there are no port forwards in place etc. then you can use an SSH Tunnel to access the device.

This is really handy to get you out of a pickle or you do not not want any port forwards for security reasons. This is how you can use PuTTy to create an SSH tunnel.

Setting up an SSH Tunnel using Putty
PuTTY SSH Tunnel Setup
Adding the destination IP Address of an SSH Tunnel
Adding Tunnel IP Address and Port number using PuTTY

PuTTy SSH Tunnel Setup

  • Open PuTTy and expand the category on the left hand to to SSH >> Tunnels
  • Enter the destination IP address and port number for the device behind the router/device that you want to connect to. In this example I’m connecting to on port 80.
  • Enter the ‘Source port’. This can be anything really up and I’ve used 5555 here.
  • Click ‘Add’ and make sure the IP and port are in the ‘forwarded ports’ box. You can also add more than one port forward but you will have to change the port number each time.
  • Enter the IP address and the port number of the device you are connecting through in Session. The default SSH port is 22
  • Click ‘Open’ and connect in the normal wayUse a web browser to go to
  • I’m looking to connect to a webpage behind a router so now open your browser of choice and browse to

Bingo! Now you can connect to a device behind a router using an SSH tunnel.



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