Using Cacti Graphs on a Raspberry Pi

Recently I have been using Cacti to graph various things on my home network, like the data throughput on my Cisco switch, the average load on my Raspberry Pi and display this on my internal web server (which is also running on my Raspberry Pi). This is a little ‘How To’ to get Cacti  graphs […]

Free SMS (Text) Messages to Satellite Phones

You can now send free text messages (SMS) to any of the following satellite phones free of charge from; Iridium Thurya Inmarsat We have tried these out and found them very easy to use, completely a free service and without any registration. note that the maximum number of characters is 160 for all 3 satellite […]

iDirect DVB-S2 CRC Errors

Types of CRC Errors Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) is an error-detecting code commonly used in DVB-S2 satellite carriers using iDirect equipment. CRC8 – Header Only CRC32 – Full Frame The building block of the DVB carrier is the BaseBand Frame (BBFrame). CRC8 and CRC32 errors will provide two separate levels of error checking, each is […]

Stepper Motors with a Raspberry Pi

The latest project is to make an auto-acquire satellite antenna using a Raspberry Pi for the controller and motor driver. Commercial auto point satellite antennas cost over $20K so I thought it will be good to see if I can make one for a few hundred dollars. The first step is to drive a stepper […]

F Type Compression Connectors

F-type compression connectors are used extensively throughout the satellite industry and it is vital that when you are terminating a good connection is made. Here are some simple steps to guide you through the basics of preparing the coax and terminating it with an F-type connector. I would recommend these tools (it is worth the […]

LNBs Explained

The LNB wiki page has been updated and I’ve tried to explain what an LNB is, what it does and how it does it. Getting the correct Local Oscillator (LO) is vital for  your VSAT system receive so I’ve an example of how to select the correct LNB LO. You can read all about LNBs […]

Site Surveys for Satellite Installs

There are quite a few things to consider when surveying a site for a satellite installation and often this is left to a sales rep or inexperienced personnel. It’s important to remember that every site will be different and take plenty of photos. Take taken completing a full and comprehensive site survey will often save […]

Bitcoin Mining Update

It’s been several weeks since I first start mining bitcoins and the price has gone crazy. I never found a block of 25 Bitcoins (BTC) but I did make money, about $350 at todays prices. I upgraded from the basic ASIC miners pictured below to a Butterfly Labs 8GH/s miners which worked very well with […]

Bitcoin Mining

Ever wondered what all the fuss is about mining Bitcoins? Well I decided to find out and have a go myself with my trusted Raspberry Pi. There are several things you need to know if you are thinking about Bitcoin Mining: You are not really ever going to make any money and you will never […]

Welcome to SATOMS.COM

Hi and welcome to This is my personal website that I will be updating for the next few months (perhaps we had better make that years!) with everything satellite. I have started the wiki where I intend to cover most things including a glossary of terms and certain ‘How to’ video’s.  Also every satellite […]