What are deciBels (dB)?

Ah, good question and something that you should definitely know if you are working in satellite or communications. Basically, Bels are too big so we use deciBels (dB) are an easy way to multiply large and small numbers. By using dBs you can add or subtract instead of having to multiply numbers. DBs is a […]

Cisco Console to Moxa NPort Cable RJ45 Pinout RS232

Moxa NPort serial server connects to serial devices to Ethernet. The table below is the pinout to connect your Moxa NPort device to Cisco console for remote network access via the serial port. RJ-45 PLUG             RS-232 Reference Signals RS-232 Voltage Levels  

Focal Length Calculation of a Satellite Antenna

This calculation works for prime focus antennas is useful for checking that the dish is constructed correctly for maximum efficiency and the RF feed horn is in exactly the correct position. The Focal Length (FL) is the distance from the feed horn to the centre of the antenna. Measure the diameter of the antenna (D) (indicated […]

How does VSAT work?

Geostationary satellites are positioned one-tenth of the way to the moon (about 36,000 km), but how do they stay there? This video shows how satellites stay in orbit and how VSAT works. This video by Lero15 explains all.

What is a Romo?

A new word entered the Satellite Industry today at 1600Hrs (UTC +8) . . . Romo [roe, -moe] Computers. noun 1. an electronic device that makes possible the transmission of data to or from a computer via satellite or other communication lines. 2. a device that combines the functions of a traditional router and modem in one […]

Cisco Switch Recovery and Factory Reset

Need to configure a Cisco switch and don’t know the password? This is how you get in to a  Cisco switch config if you don’t know the password or want to erase the configuration and reset back to factory setting. I would always reset any switch before selling it etc. Connect to the switch via […]

WiFi Password in Windows 10

If you want to find out what your WiFi password is with Windows 10 and you are connected to the network. Just follow the 4 simple steps below: Right click the network icon on the toolbar and select ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’ (normally bottom LHS on your desktop). In the resulting window click ‘Change […]

Ethernet Cable Pinouts and Information

There are two types of LAN cables – Crossover and straight through. Most modern communications equipment can auto sense which type you are using, but some still need the correct cable. The following are the pin-outs for the RJ45 connectors so you can check which one you have or make up your own. It doesn’t […]

CPI/Codan BUC Commands

Connecting to a CPI/CODAN BUC The Condan BUC has a serial interface that provides access to the BUC, normally labelled M&C. You will need a serial to USB adaptor, a Codan serial cable and a terminal programme like Putty. Connect your laptop to the BUC and select the correct USB port (look in device manager if […]

Modulation Technique and Density

Modulation is a technique for converting one form of information to another form. In satellite communications this is the digital conversion to analogue for transmissions over the satellite link. In the modulation process multiple digital bits can be converted in to one analogue symbol. The reverse process is called demodulation. Phase-Shift-Keying (PSK) is commonly used […]