VSAT Terms

Ever wondered what people are talking about using abbreviations and technical jargon? Have a quick look at the Satellite VSAT glossary of terms VSAT Glossary.

tcpdump Info and Examples

TCPDUMP  Information, commands and options tcpdump is a free command line tool that is used to capture network traffic and saves it to a file. It’s very useful in fault finding on your network and can be used with WireShark for in depth analysis of the network traffic. Here are a few examples of the […]

SSH Tunnel using PuTTY

This is a ‘How to’ connect to a device behind a router or Linux machine to the network behind and there are no port forwards in place etc. Really handy to get you out of a pickle or you do not not want any port forwards for security reasons. Anyway, this is how you can […]

VSAT LNB Page Updated

I’ve added some more info in the LNB page. Worth a look is you are having any receive issues or just want to know how the VSAT magic works!  

Reverse Tether iPhone to your Laptop – Windows Wireless Hotspot

I was recently in Europe with no mobile phone coverage but had a wired connection in my hotel room. I still wanted to use my phone while lazing on my bed watching the Discovery Channel. So I created a WiFi Hotspot on my laptop so I use use my internet connection on my iPhone ‘Reverse […]

Netstat Commands Information

NETSTAT Quick Reference Guide Netstat is a useful command line tool to list the active TCP connections and the ports that are in use (Listening). Open a command prompt window and try a few of the commands below. It has lots of options (switches) that can be used and is handy for fault finding and […]

What are deciBels (dB)?

Ah, good question and something that you should definitely know if you are working in satellite or communications. Basically, Bels are too big so we use deciBels (dB) are an easy way to multiply large and small numbers. By using dBs you can add or subtract instead of having to multiply numbers. DBs is a […]

Cisco Console to Moxa NPort Cable RJ45 Pinout RS232

Moxa NPort serial server connects to serial devices to Ethernet. The table below is the pinout to connect your Moxa NPort device to Cisco console for remote network access via the serial port. RJ-45 PLUG             RS-232 Reference Signals RS-232 Voltage Levels  

Focal Length Calculation of Prime Focus Satellite Antenna

This calculation works for prime focus antennas is useful for checking that the dish is constructed correctly for maximum efficiency and gain. The Focal Lengh (FL) is the distance from the feed horn to the centre of the antenna. Start by measuring the diameter of the antenna (D) and then measure the depth of the […]

How does VSAT work?

Geostationary satellites are positioned one-tenth of the way to the moon (about 36,000 km), but how do they stay there? This video shows how satellites stay in orbit. This video by Lero15 explains all…