Terminate Coax Connectors Correctly

Ensuring that the coax connectors (F-Type N-Type or BNC etc.) are properly terminated is vitally important if you want reliable communications. Poorly terminated connectors will cost you money, time and reputation.

F-Type Coax Connectors

This poorly terminated RG-6 coax was used in a production Oil & Gas platform and used cheap push on F-type connectors. The stabilised antenna where the coax was being used (between the Intellian Antenna Control Unit (ACU) and the iDirect X5 modem) was reporting drops in receive signal level, tracking problems and intermittent network availability. It was a temporary fix several years before and had been left to cause issues ever since. It resulted in a VSAT field tech dispatch to investigate the issue costing the client money and time.


Poorly Terminated F-Type Connector

There are many issues with this coax cable and the connectors. Make sure you have the correct tools and connectors before you leave for site and that you know how to terminate the coax at the VSAT remote. Don’t try and figure it out when you are there as it’s too late!

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