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If you would like to join the team as a trainer on Satoms then just get in touch. We are always on the lookout for talented people to create quality course content, it doesn't need to be technical, anything that you are passionate about and best of all you will receive 70% of the course price that you set.

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If you would like to create a course with Satoms then it couldn't be easier!

Register to become an Instructor and send the course content, images, videos, documents, exams and quizzes and we will create your course. We let you decide on how much you would like to charge, if anything. You will receive 80% of all course fees by PayPal. You will receive monthly stats and statements on the performance of your course.
Like anything there has to be some guidelines to make sure the courses are original, educational and have a great user experience.

All course content has to be original and produced by you No copyright infringement Satoms my alter the course content at anytime The Instructor shall receive 80% of all course fees paid montly Satoms has the right to suspend, delete and course at anytime All media (photos, images, graphics and videos) shall be the property of Satoms
Satoms are committed to providing the best possible online training courses and want to work with affiliate course content creators.

We shall pay 80% of ALL course fees to the course creator in full every month Payment will be via PayPal to the supplied email address No charges shall be deducted for the Instructors account Courses can be ended at anytime by the Instructor Instructor can ask for a course to be deleted at anytime The Instructor can change to course fee The course pass mark and exam/quiz can be changed by the Instructor