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Want to make an online training course and start earning money?

There has never been a better time to start earning passive income with your online course.

We are on the lookout for talented people to create quality course content, it doesn’t need to be technical, anything that you are passionate about. We can assist you in creating your course material, videos, text, images, illustrations, and assessments, and then we will turn them into your online course.

Best of all you will earn money!

  • IT and Software
  • Business Studies
  • Photography
  • Health and Safety
  • Personal Development
  • Marketing

We have produced a detailed guide to creating and selling your course online.


Create Your Course Content

Keeping it simple

If you would like to create a course with Satoms then it couldn't be easier!

Register to become an Instructor and start planning your course. The course content should consist of images, videos, documents, exams and quizzes, send it to us and we will create your course. All our courses are free for all students and we let you decide on how much you would like to charge, if anything, for the course certificate.

How will you get paid for your course?

There several options available and you can choose which ever one suits you the best:

Option 1 - You keep 100% of any certificate sales and pay a monthly fee of $49.00 USD to Satoms with no lock-in contract

Option 2 - You can choose receive 70% of all course certificate sales, with monthly stats performance reports of your course
Option 3 - A one off payment from Satoms for your course. The amount will be assessed individually per course.
Like anything there has to be some guidelines to make sure the courses are original, educational and have a great user experience.

  • All course content has to be original and produced by you
  • No copyright infringement
  • Satoms my alter the course content at anytime
  • The Instructor shall receive 80% of all course fees paid monthly
  • Satoms has the right to suspend, delete and course at anytime
  • All media (photos, images, graphics and videos) shall be the property of Satoms
Satoms are committed to providing the best possible online training courses and want to work with affiliate course content creators.

  • We shall pay 80% of ALL course certificates to the course creator in full every month
  • Payment will be via PayPal to the supplied email address
  • No charges shall be deducted for the Instructors account
  • Courses can be ended at anytime by the Instructor
  • Instructor can ask for a course to be deleted at anytime
  • The Instructor can not change to course fee
  • The course pass mark and exam/quiz can be changed by the Instructor

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