USB Power Meter Review

This is a little USB detector that I recently purchased from eBay for less than $10 which included free postage from China. The USB power meter reads Voltage(V) with a stated accuracy of 1%, Current(I) with an accuracy of 0.4%, Power(W) down to 3 decimal places and the  Capacity(C). Specifications: Voltage range: 3-10V (accuracy: 1% ) […]

Ping Commands

What is a Network Ping? The ping command is a Command Prompt command utility used to test the ability of the source computer to reach a specified destination either on the same network or the internet. The ping command is usually used as a simple way verify that a computer can communicate over the network […]

Radiation Monitoring Network

  The uRADMonitor is a project to monitor background radiation levels around the world. Inside the small black enclosure is a calibrated Geiger Muller tube that samples the local radiation level and sends the data back to the central server along with temperature, tube voltage and lots more. The information is sent once a minute […]

Tips on how to Prolong Li-ion Batteries in Smartphones or Laptops

There is a lot of information about extending the charge of your smartphones on the internet by turning off unused features like Bluetooth etc. but there is very little information about making sure the Li-ion batteries in your tech gadgets are charged correctly and how to look after them. Having recently bought a new iPhone 6 […]

Tech Site Revamp

Hi, I’ve decided to change the site to more of a tech blog and information site that follows my tech tinkering. I will continue to publish articles and information about satellite communications but also my other interests like electronics, technology and other tech stuff I find interesting. I have designed a new header image for […]

Satellite Dish Pointing Apps Review

There are a plethora of smart phone apps these days to help you with dish pointing so I thought I’d review the ones I use on my iPhone.  I regularly use these apps and best of all they are free! The Satellite Locator app by Norsat for iPhone and Android smart phones works by overlaying the orbital […]

RPi B+ GPIO Pinout

Having recently been working with the Raspberry Pi B+ GPIO I thought it would be a good idea to publish a couple of tables of the GPIO pinouts for the RPi B+ as a reference guide. This first pinout for the B+ is standard GPIO pins. Pin 1 on the RPi B+ can be identified […]

IP Camera Network Setup

I have been setting up a home IP camera network for the past few months for remote security, etc. I’m using various models of the D-Link IP cameras. These cameras are fairly inexpensive and the system can be modified to suit different situations and is easily expandable. Bewarned I soon found myself justifying buying a […]

Using Cacti Graphs on a Raspberry Pi

Recently I have been using Cacti to graph various things on my home network, like the data throughput on my Cisco switch, the average load on my Raspberry Pi and display this on my internal web server (which is also running on my Raspberry Pi). This is a little ‘How To’ to get Cacti  graphs […]

Free SMS (Text) Messages to Satellite Phones

You can now send free text messages (SMS) to any of the following satellite phones free of charge from; Iridium Thurya Inmarsat We have tried these out and found them very easy to use, completely a free service and without any registration. note that the maximum number of characters is 160 for all 3 satellite […]