CPI/Codan BUC Commands

Connecting to a CPI/CODAN BUC

The Condan BUC has a serial interface that provides access to the BUC, normally labelled M&C. You will need a serial to USB adaptor, a Codan serial cable and a terminal programme like Putty.

Connect your laptop to the BUC and select the correct USB port (look in device manager if you are unsure or cannot connect).

There is no username or password on these BUCs so just press enter to get the command prompt.

CPI/Codan BUC Commands

All of the command are three letters for example HLP, VSS, etc.

The first letter of the command determines the type of command:

  • H = Help
  • V = View
  • S = Set
  • R = Reset
  • O = Output

The last two letters define the command

I won’t go through all of the command here but these are some ones that I have found useful. It’s pretty easy to figure out where you need to set the parameters or view any faults that might have occurred.

HLP – Lists the Help commands.

Codan BUC VSS Command

VSS – Displays the status and parameter settings of the BUC.

Codan BUC VOD Command

VOD – Displays the operational data of the BUC.

Codan BUC VFS Command

VFS – Displays the fault status of the BUC.  It displays both current faults and latched faults  that is, faults that have previously occurred but mayhave cleared).

Codan BUC VID Command

VID – Displays the identification and configuration data of the BUC.

Codan BUC VLD Command

VLD – Displays the frequency and power ranges for the BUC.

Codan BUC VBS Command

VBS – Displays the build standard information of the BUC

RLF –  Clears all latched faults except those that are still current.

STAn –  Sets the transmit attenuation of the BUC in dB.
n = 0 to 12 dB in 4 dB steps for 6700/6900 series BUCs
n = 0 to 15 dB in 1 dB steps for 7700/7900 series BUCs

Maximum gain is at an attenuation setting of 0 dB.
To minimise the possible effects of interference it is preferable to have a high transmit attenuation and a high IF level from the modem. Therefore, the BUC attenuator should be set as high as possible, consistent with the required BUC output power, transmit IF cable loss and maximum IF output level capability of the modem.

SATn – Set Pwr Alarm Thresh Function Sets a threshold (in dBm) below which an output power alarm is reported (see VFS command).
n = value within the allowable threshold range for your BUC
n = 0, disables the output power alarm (default)

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